I've had the Striker for a wihle, and the S for a little while, but just doing them together now cause I never did one for the Striker.

Some pics

Tried to get good shots with my phone, but alas, I am no photographer.

Kramer Striker 100ST

I got this one at a pawn shop. It was only $100, and I felt compelled to get it. I believe it was made in 1987, but I'm not positive.

The best thing about this guitar is the bridge. I love it. They didn't make these very long I don't think, but this is a Floyd Rose II - a single locking variant of the OFR. The strings load straight in from the back, ball end intact (LOVE this), and lock at the nut only. The saddles are sort of like roller saddles. Stays in tune very well. It's a shame they don't make these anymore, I hate cutting off the ball ends on strings when I have to restring a floating trem. I'm not sure why single locking Floyds are so frowned upon - so far, this guitar has stayed in tune like a champ. If I ever got a custom jobby, I would seriously consider getting one of these bridges instead of a regular OFR. it's truly a joy to restring.

The pickup isn't great, but I've had far worse. It's a little harsh, kind of lacks oomph... just generally kind of lackluster. I will probably replace it with a JB eventually. The second knob is aftermarket, which kind of sucks, but it's okay because I'm just gonna put a killswitch there. I don't play this guitar much, mostly for playing Coheed songs (It's in D# Std), and it's more than adequate for that.

Ibanez S420

I found this used on GC.com. I was able to get it for $216 shipped, and at that price point I cannot recommend this guitar highly enough. I was looking for this model very specifically, because of it's HH configuration, and the fact that this model that has 24 frets (I won't use a non-24 fretter for anything serious). I love Ibanez, they are my favorite guitar brand, and this guitar is a shining example of why I love them.

Obviously there's the AANJ, one of the best bolt on heels out there. A heel should not feel obtrusive, it shouldn't ever cross your mind that it's there, and the AANJ pulls that off perfectly. You can get anywhere on the neck you want to go totally unimpeded.

I discovered the truss rod cover without knowing about it - it's a freaking door on a hinge. Just awesome. No more having to deal with a stupid screw or losing the truss rod cover - you never have to take it off. It's little things like this that make me love Ibanez - where other companies stagnate, Ibanez is always constantly coming up with new ideas to make the guitar a nicer instrument to play.

Which leads us to the ZR bridge. This bridge is really great. The design is amazing. The bridge doesn't rest against posts, but instead is an entire pivoting mechanism. This presents a huge advantage over any blade on post style trems - there is no factor at all of the knife edges wearing. I don't have to remove tension to adjust my action, because I don't have to worry about the tension chewing up my knife edges. It's simply not a factor in this design. The trem arm is a collar screw on design (not snap in), which is the best design I've encountered, no problem there. The only gripe I have is that you can't load the string in with the ball ends. That kind of sucks, but the sheer design of the bridge more than makes up for that fact, IMO. Also, it has a wheel in the back for adjusting string tension - so like the truss rod cover, you never have to take the back plate off. Awesome stuff.

The pickups are decent. I didn't realize this guitar came with the INF1/2 set - I was expecting the INF3/4 set, which I've owned before and are probably the second worst pups I've ever used (the worst being stock Epiphone pickups). But the 1/2 are significantly better than the 3/4. They're a little too bright for my taste, and I don't like the 5 way switch, but they're usable.

I got really lucky with this guitar - after a setup, I found that this guitar does not suffer the (apparently) infamous "S fret buzz". Also, this model has the Wizard III neck, not the Wizard II. I've never actually played a III before, but it is an extremely pleasant surprise. I moved heavily to LTD for a while, because I hated the Wizard II. The III is a different ballgame. Whereas the II is a very harsh D shape that flattens out very quickly, the III is much more of a U shape, with a very consistent curve which I love. While the II would cause my hand to cramp up fairly quickly because of the shape and thinness, the III does not do that to me at all. It's really workable for me, which makes me very happy, because I can primarily use an Ibanez now.

I've been playing this guitar rigorously the past two days with my band, and everything holds up. This is by far one of my best purchases. Really worth every cent and more. The only thing I don't like is the input jack - I have to use a straight cable for this guitar, all my other guitars use angled jacks. But it's a manageable problem. I also love the minimalist fretboard.

I find it pretty funny how this guitar only costs a little more than a standard RG, yet S guitars are practically non-existent compared to RGs. Better pickups, way better trem.

S & Striker shot:

Ibanez group shot, just 'cause (the other is my RG320):

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Nice! I like the Kramer, but those Ibbies are solid. If cheaper RGs had the ZR trem, they would be so much better.
Looks good. I would be wary of buying a guitar blind. Glad it turned out better than expected.

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Love it. The S series are truly great. I was about to get a custom one built, but then I bought a new amp

Have fun with 'er
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awesome slanty bridge pickups ftw
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Sexy Kramer duder.
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