Hey guys, I have a HSS Squier Affinity Strat that is fairly good quality for the price; I love the feel, the construction is CNC, so it is as solid as can be, and the materials are fairly good.
I am starting to actually customise my guitar in ways that are not just aesthetic; I already have changed my trem block from pot metal to brass and changed my plastic nut to a graphite one. The next thing I see I can change is the pickups.
I haven't really seen a P-90 in a Strat before, but I was wondering if anyone else has, and what they thought. I usually have the treble on my amp low and on the guitar the tone is about halfway (I like the tone coming from my humbucker), but I want something with more guts, like a P-90, in the neck position, to bite through where the little single coil loses it's mind.
As my guitar is cheap, like me, I wanted to know how something like the cheaper GFS P-90s go in a solid body, like a Strat. I am open to anything related to the subject haha

BTW I am playing kind of like British rock; from The Vaccines all the way to the Biff and Muse, but all toned back a bit.
That was amazing Thanks for that video. What he said about the P-90 was just what I was hoping to hear haha

One thing I wanted to ask was how I would go about getting one in.. Would I be ale to fit a dog-eared one in there on the Strat, or do I need one to drop down into the body just to fit it under the strings?
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Dunno, I have never intalled a p90.

There are humbucker sized p90 though but It might not sound exactly the same
You can't fit a dogear P-90 in a Strat. Dogears are for surface mounting on rear-routed bodies, without pickguards.

You can fit a soapbar P-90 in a Strat but you will need to route the body and have a new pickguard cut, including moving the volume control.

What would be much simpler would be to get a humbucker-size P-90. They sound just like the 'real' thing; P-90s are such a simple construction, you can't mess them up and being a slightly different size makes no audible difference. The most common one is the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat, but there are plenty of other options around. If you want the typical extra-bright P-90 sound, look for one with alnico 5 magnets. If you want one that has a more balanced sound, so it doesn't get too shrill with the Strat, go for one that uses alnico 2 magnets.
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Yeah, definitely go with a humbucker sized p90. The pickguards are easier to find and since its a squier its probably already got a swimming pool route.
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Check under the humbucker sized pickups on GFS, there are P90s in there. I never knew that until recently haha, never really thought to look since they have a separate p90 section

That way, no routing, just plug and play for the most part.