I'm really not sure which guitar to get... All of these guitars look awesome but I don't know how good they sound...

A Squier Deluxe Tele

A Squier Jazzmaster

A Jazzmaster copy (Xaviere guitars from guitarfetish.com)

A Grestch or a Gibson-type hollow body (also by Xaviere from guitarfetish.com)

They are all around the 300 dollar price tag, and that's the best I can do right now since shipping is crazy expensive to my country..
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What amp are you using?

What type of tones are you trying to achieve?

What country are you from?

Are you buying used?

We need more info.
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What amp are you using?

What type of tones are you trying to achieve?

What country are you from?

Are you buying used?

We need more info.

I have an external sound card that I use to play with guitar rig 5
I play mostly Jazz, Blues, Garage and some Grunge, Alternitive and punk
I'm from Israel
And I don't mind buying used as long as the guitar is in great shape
For your style I'd say any except the hollow body would be fine. I don't think it'll give the sort of tone you would want for grunge. Not saying it can't be done though.

Im not a massive fan of the jazz master shape but that's just my opinion.

My personal opinion would be the tele. Very versatile. Looks great.

It works in any genre, think John 5 and jim root are 2 well known metal players who use telecasters so shows how versatile they can be.

Just my opinion though. Hope I may of helped in some way.

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Don't buy a cheap jazzmaster because I hear very bad things about cheap jazzmaster trems.

I would say, pick what you like best out of the tele and hollow body. I have no idea what type of guitar works for grundge.
The Tele or Jazzmaster (Squier) would be a good bet. Do a bit of research on the Jazzmaster if you go with it though, as I had to do a couple of minor changes for mine (new bridge and a little wire-check under the hood).
As with any inexpensive guitar, you may have to tweak.
Don't listen to people who've only "heard" about these guitars either, that information does you no good. I can tell you from first hand experience from ownership that the Squier Jazzmaster and Tele Deluxe are great guitars, and not just for the price.
Id buy the tele but what your really need is an amp!
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