I have a jet city JCA22h and I plan to replace the tubes. I know that I can plug and play, but my question is. Do I need to buy / replace all the tubes at once? Or can I buy 3 12ax7s for now and get two more down the road as well as the two power tubes. Thanks.
You can change the preamp tubes without matching all you want. 12AX7s are preamp tubes if you don't know. The power tubes must be a matched set and changed at the same time. The EL84s would be the power tubes.
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You can replace the pre-amp tubes by themselves. When you're buying power amp tubes, get a matched pair and replace them at the same time.

Grab some JJ's. You should have spares of everything anyway.
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Yeah I figured the power tubes would have to match. I'm glad to hear that I can mix the preamp tubes though since there's 5 of them. Pricey to replace.
JJ's are only $10 each.

I recommend one of these for V1. They're low noise have a bit more sparkle in the top end.
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