I contributed with chords to a Swedish song, but when submitted all the chords jumped out of place. Is there a way to edit your already submitted tab (preferably without losing your ratings and comments)?

The tab in question: [forbidden link]
1. Go into PROFILE
2. Then look on the left where it says
3. Once there press TABS
4. This will bring up all tabs you submitted
5. To the right of the particular tab you want
You will see U! .....this means UPDATE.
6. Click that on and thn you can update your own
Tab and resubmit it...
7. In a few days the tab will be updated and none of your comments or
Ratings will be lost and the tab will be updated...
If you are looking only at the page that has your contributions it does not show there.. You must hit the word tabs and pull up that page...there you will find that little "u"... So even though you have only one tab you can not just go to the contribution page... You must go to the "tab" page...hope this helps