Reviewing Phenomenon of Pluralistic Ignorance

I love the feel of the intro; the drums really do a great job of keeping it interesting.

The explosion of sound at 1:01 is cool, but I'm not a fan of the sound of the lead instrument.

I love when it hits the same section at 2:15; the section could really benefit from some drum fills though.

The string synth that starts at 3:17 sounds great.

As far as genre, I guess it's more prog than Post-Rock, but there's kind of some overlap... I also don't know how important the genre really is. Regardless, it's a cool track; I especially love your drums.

Really good man.

Great structure, great use of dynamics and instrumention. Good riffs and good spaces in the music. Very thematic which is really nice.

Id like to hear better quality vsts. Some beats could use work.

Im not sure about simular sounding band, but Anathema, opeth, dream theater, Paradise Lost, nightwish etc.

Do you know there is a famous prog band called Riverside?

Thanks, for comments guys! looking for more critique and more track to review for me
Listening to Phenomenon. That piano intro is beautifully atmospheric, I love it!

I don't listen to much of this genre, so don't feel insulted when I say it has an old-style Muse feel in the term that it has that epic and grand dynamic feel. If I would have to choose, I'd say it's more post-rock but there's a slight combination of the two. I'd have to hear it with vocals. Still, good stuff! Maybe add a little more to the drums, if I had to pick anything out of it.

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