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6 9%
34 53%
9 14%
10 16%
5 8%
Voters: 64.
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
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She will join the prom.

She insists to wear this lights.

I don't think so.

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no love for the onboard jacks...
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Is the Enterprise an early one? Doesn't have the Carling switch like all of the ones I've played.
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I entered as a small board where the hell is mine
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I figure it's gotta be a bit older, I bought it secondhand. The number on the inside of the back cover is "EP0029", and the switching board is white/silver. I emailed Peter because I needed to figure out how to reset the bias, and he said it sounded "like the current version".
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