Hi! Just wanted to share this song from my band ( produced, mix and mastered ).
We are mainly a guitar band, but I felt like trying something with a tempo that is slightly more unusual for what we do 5/4 and use an electronic drum kit and synth bass.

The background noise is made with guitars, mostly pitch-shifted loops using a line6 dl4 and some fuzz/overdrive pedals.
the "clean" guitar strokes are recorded in a very weird way, I just demoed them roughly with the guitars straight into the computer, instead of micking the amps, but it turned out that the pickups (tele bridge) felt really like a good fit for this song with a lot of compressor, so what you hear is just the signal of the pickups through the soundcard with a lot of compressor (through a boss dd7 delay and line6 dl4 in the end)

I went for really dirty vocals, with a lot of reverb and some "john lennon" type delay, almost a subtle slapback on the vocals.

I think this turned out to be a really cool recording experiment, playing around with a lot of new stuff for me, and a song we're proud of :-D