I've been playing guitar for almost 2 years now, but not consistently. I just got a guitar after having my previous one stolen (I'm pissed off about it.) But anyways, I've been basically avoiding the learning part and I've come to realize that I need to get on that.

What I Know:

Power Chords
The Relation between strings (ex: low E-String 5 = A String open)
I'm good at reading TABs and playing them but I'm sick of this repetitive pattern.

I really need to learn open chords, barre chords, music theory, soloing, scales, and so much more. I'm good at picking and speed, and my timing is good, but I need to get more knowledge of the fretboard and so much more.

Is there anybody who can give me some advice on where to start and what order I should tackle these goals in? I know it doesn't really work that way and I'm not going to go step by step exactly, but I do know there are things you need to learn before starting others. (Ex: Music Theory 1st, at least I think.) I don't want to learn something that I won't understand, especially if I skipped something I needed to learn in order to learn that.
I'm pretty familiar with some terms, so you don't have to talk to me like a newbie even though I am one hahah. I'm good at understanding and communicating, I just need more knowledge to come up with my own material
hey zach first off it sucks your guitar got stolen id be pissed to but to answer your question you should learn it all(chords,scales,music theory) at the same time they are some scale lesson on here but i dont know how good they are i looked at a few and they didnt look right so you should probably get a good guitar teacher to help teach all these things and answer any questions you might have. i hope this helped