hey guys ...So when i pick , my hand is in a fist motion ....but lately am hearing noise coming out from the highers strings because of my fingers while they are closed are touching the higher strings , i cant not touch them and if i try muting with my left hand then i cant fret from the tips of my fingers....any help please
Then you need to change your hand position, you shouldn't be hitting the other strings to that extent.
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ive tried the open hand position and really i didnt feel comfortable at all , the fist position is the only that i feel comforted with but this issue is really buzzing me .....although i have a fast off-topic question , when i hammer on on a note on the D string (while my first finger is already on a note) there is a loud buzz distorted sound that comes out , whats that 0_o ?
Well, at first something you are not used to is not going to feel comfortable because you are not used to it. My only suggestion is to practice another hand position that will prevent you from hitting the strings. Really, practice is the only thing any of us can suggest....
I'd say practice left hand muting. With correct left-hand muting you should be hearing none of the strings higher than the one you are fretting - regardless of your right hand muting.

Check out Freepower's video's - they are extremely beneficial for your technique:

As Mark said, change your hand position. Personally, I've never had this particular problem, but I fell it would be best to simply find a hand position that is comfortable, but doesn't cause this problem.
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