i bought an Ibanez AEL8EBK electro acoustic guitar and it has two sockets on it, one i used to plug into my amp and the second one i looked up it may be an xlr socket, what is this for any help appreciated i bought the guiatr secondhand so i didnt get any instructions or info with it
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the XLR output is for plugging your guitar directly into recording/gigging equipment. unless your a child prodigy, you won't be needing that for a while and you'll have plenty of time to see how its used !
welcome to the wonderful world af acoustic guitar playing ! it's a bit tough at first but it's much better than electric playing!
you have an amp to plug your new baby into? you should post some pics on the acoustic guitar thread so we can all see your new baby ! we never tire of seeing everyone's new toys.
thanks so much reply yes i got a small amp for it the amp only has one input which i run my guitar into ido you know can i plug a mic into the xlr ill definitely add some pics later