hello there, i am really stuck between the choosing of these up grades, i could either get a gold bigsby to put on my les paul copy, i could put some fender pickups on my classic vibe telecaster or i could get some 120 watt speakers so i can use my vox ad120vth on full volume. any opinions are welcome i just want some pointing in the write direction.

Why not save a little money and get a fender or an epiphone?

Put a bigsby on the tele. Really cool looks
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a little more specificity would help:

What sort of LP copy? What sort of bigsby? These things are not all created equal, and knowing exactly what you're thinking of doing could help a lot.

Which pickups are you thinking for the tele? Or, what are you trying to accomplish with the pickups? I'm generally against putting new pickups in Squires, simply because you can get a used Fender fairly cheap. There are always exceptions, but I generally don't think high-end pickups in low-end guitars are smart (even nicer Squires are low-end to lower mid-range at best).

what speakers are you using for your amp now? Good speakers in a good cab can certainly help a good amp sound its best, but they aren't going to salvage a tone you don't like. However, a mid-range speaker in a decent cab is almost certainly better than generic stuff.
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None of those upgrades are really worth it to be honest... Id look at a new amp
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Why not save a little money and get a fender or an epiphone?

Put a bigsby on the tele. Really cool looks

i dont want to get a epiphone, my hohner l59 is just as nice as epiphones, i have put seymour duncans in it and i think it sounds fine like it is. it would take ages to save up for a good fender and the mexican ones are pretty shit, i have played several mexican strats and teles and all played shit and didnt really sound right.