Hi, this is my first post here!

So far I've been practicing on and off for the past 2 months. I've been using the Mastering Mix program (it's basically sets of vocal exercises).
I occasionally record myself singing, and over the first few weeks I saw drastic improvements. Right now though, I have no idea how to improve my voice even though I know it sounds a bit off.

Here's a quick recording (remove the space):
vocaroo. com/i/s1oQ3mThshcm

Can you guys critique my singing? Do I need better breathing technique or pitch accuracy? What vocal exercises do you recommend?

Also, how should I / how do you practice? Do I sing an entire song form start to finish, or focus on specific lines? And should I practice by singing along or by myself (guitar or no guitar)?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

First off from listening to the clip it was a little difficult to hear your vocals from the quality of the track (nice guitar playing by the way), but I can offer some advice from what I was able to pick up. From what I heard your very pitchy, have a lack of cord closure, poor breathe control, a weak chest voice, and a lot of strain. All are symptoms of have poor vocal technique, and having all of them is a 'case closed' that you have poor technique. You cant really judge your voice right now, you don't have the right singing technique down yet.

What worries me is that Mastering Mix is NOT for beginner singers, you'll do more harm to your voice using that program right now, you might see some early vocal progress, but you wont see significant progress, and could cause vocal programs like vocal nodules. Mastering Mix will not get rid of your strain and wont improve breathe control (very important things). I would first suggest that you try to get some vocal lessons, and your second option, since your using Brett Mannings product, is to get Singing Success, which is the program before Mastering Mix.

Mastering Mix is only promoted to use after you have completed the Singing Success program. Singing Success is what will build your entire voice, Mastering Mix is just what it sounds like, to Master your Mix voice (mix voice is the combination of resonances) you first have to build your voice then you can begin to master your mix, you need to have a mix voice first before you get Mastering Mix. So to use Mastering Mix right now is like a beginning guitarist learning to double tap when he hasn't learned how to fret a note yet. Your much better suited to using Singing Success, it will improve all of your weaknesses that you currently have, and you'll improve much more. I know this because I used Singing Success for 8 months, and now im 3 months into Mastering Mix, and im starting to go back to Singing Success to work on fundamentals more. I strongly advise you to stop using Mastering Mix right now, and go with one of the two options I listed. Good luck, and you will improve with the right work ethic and vocal program/and or singing coach.

For something you can work on now, until you get one of the options I listed, is to learn to Lip Roll and Tongue Trill. These two exercises will help to get rid of strain, improve breathe control, and improve pitch. But you have to do these exercises along to a scale, either on your guitar or even use a scale on Mastering Mix. Still, these exercises are best used in conjunction with other exercises found on Singing Success. But to learn them now will make it easier to use Singing Success or lessons with an instructor (two very common singing exercises that even the Pros use).