Very nice, you got a good voice! Although, in my opinion, it's a shame to hear the metal clinging when you strum. It's not that bad and we can live with it, but you can try something that alot of people do: Record the guitar separate, record the the vocals separate, and then just use that audio on the video, if you do it well, they will be in-sync and you accually have the same cover with better sound

But like I said, it's not a problem, it's just an idea to make it better because, well I don't see any others flaws, it's a very good cover +1 like and I subscribed, I enjoy your covers
Well done. I had not heard the original before, but you pulled it of nicely. However as KelbeyW mentioned, the guitar takes a lot away from your voice. You can record the parts separately, or if thats not an option try to place the microphone at a level just above your head. Sounded very nice towards the end when the vocals were a bit more powerful. Good job!

Very nice! I'm not familiar with the song, but you sound great! As some others have said, the guitar kinda overpowers you in the first half. But once the full-band kicks in, mix sounds good. Great job, man!