I've had this Pacer amp laying around in need of help. I got it in a pile of parts that I had bought. After some checking, it was in need of a couple new transistors. I replaced the bad ones and now had a chassis with a functioning amp lying around. What to do? It's Easter weekend and I've got nothing going on.(I've ordered transformers for a Princeton build) So let's build a cab.

glued and routed

baffle board and trim cut

covered and waiting for grill cloth and speaker...I just can't get away from the waiting thing

I've bent a chassis, made the eyelet board, ordered a speaker and transformers for the next build
I like the color and the style of the cab, but I don't like the face on that pacer chassis.
What's not to like about 45 watts of pure silicon transistor power? It should make an OK amp for my keyboard. But the design is a test for the cab for the Princeton clone. That's my next project.