Up for sale is my practically new Brubaker Brute Single cut. I am selling/trading/Part exchanging because I require a 4 string passive bass for stoner rock (Like an old Guild or Jap bass something like that!) 5/6 string bass or a guitar. I would love to straight trade for a Brubaker Brute 5 string singlecut! The only requirement I have on trade instruments is that the action be very low and have enough intonation range to incorporate downtuning.

I am still sort of on the fence whether I like the singlecut design itself. What sold it to me was playability and sound. Pound for pound it played like the Shuker Melt singlecut that I owned very briefly. Compound radius neck really does feel good! Action is very low, much like the shuker, though obviously the fit and finish is not that of a £3000 bass. The frets are beautiful!

Tonally it is like a very hot Musicman, aggressive two band pre-amp, the treble control is incredibly responsive.

I dont really know how to describe this well, but you have to put in very little effort to get a big sound out of it. Whereas some basses (Mainly low output jazz's and precisions) you have to really whack it hard.

It is incredibly lightweight and balances well. It is a very deep bolt on neck with no heel. Neck feels very neutral, does not taper as much as a jazz, probably more like a thinner precision neck.

I would rate it over the Musicman USA SUBS I have had any day. If I were to say a bad thing about it, I am not hugely keen on the Jazz pup on it's own, I would have put it closer towards the MM pickup. With both pickups together it sounds very hi-fi and Zender like. The jazz pup on its own? Fairly vintage.

Pretty sure it's the first Brute Singlecut sold in this country, and even possibly the first or second 4 string one sold in the world. It was unveiled in December 2012 and this actual bass was displayed at Winter Namm 2013 and at the London Bass guitar show.

It comes with a "luxury" semi hard case.

I may withdrawn this at any time because it is a fantastic bass. Pickup is much preferred from London though I am visiting Bristol in the next week. Otherwise I will post at the buyers expense. Reduced to just £350, no haggling please.





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