Fashion is in a specificwww.louisvuittonend.com period of time to take the lead in by a few people think to try, later will provide the public advocate and follow the style of life. Say simply, as the name implies, fashion is "time" and "advocate" together. In this very simplified sense, fashion iswww.louisvuittonend.com short time advocated by some people in life. This fashion involved in all aspects of life, such as dress, diet, behavior, living and consumption, and even emotional expression and ways of thinking, etc.
Many people equate the fashion and popwww.louisvuittonend.com, actually not so. Say simply, fashion can be popular, but the range is very limited, if popular, it still have the feeling of fashion? The pursuit of fashion is an "art". Imitation, conformity is the "primary stage", and it should be the "realm of the cobwebs from scores of www.louisvuittonend.comtrendy, extracted the essence and true meaning of it, to enrich their aesthetic and taste, to build their own beautiful" template ". Pursuit vogue is not passive to follow but what reason www.louisvuittonend.comand skilled master fashion.
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