I was wondering if anybody has an opinion on good instructional books to help improve my skills. I just finished Rikky Rooksby's "Song Writing Sourcebook" and it really has helped me figure out how to write chord sequences and songs. I've written 5 songs since I've read that book a few months ago. I am a newb and just started doing originals a year ago. Has anybody read Rooksby's "How To Write Songs on Guitar"? It sounds like it could be redundant to what I"ve already read but I'm interested in feedback.
Hi. The answer to your question really depends on your current level of skill. Jimmy Webb's "Tunesmith" is a treasure chest, but could be over the heads of the beginner. Robin Frederick has written a couple of books that are clearly organized and general well thought of. It's been ages since I've looked at it, but Tommy Boyce wrote a book on hit songwriting. (check eBay for that one). To be honest, I hate most books on writing. They usually just wind up pissing me off. I suggest you go to an actual bookstore (or library), if you can find one. That way, you can flip through a stack of books before committing to any of them. Remember, there are a lot of bozos out there and many of them write books.
I have both Rikki books and they are different. The only one I didnt care for was the Riffs book.