Hey guys, I have been doing this type of technique (123123123123) for a while now, but it doesn't (when I'm on one note) seem to be very strong. I'm wondering if this is the pickups fault, or mine.

AND, do you guys just go 123123123 or 12341234 etc. (WITHOUT using the pinky)

It just needs practice man. Also if you go the other way (IE 123212321232) then you can go in groups of 4 rather than 3, which might make it a bit easier if you're playing 4/4 patterns.

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i go 321321321, i find it much easier than 123123123
3 being my ring finger, 2 the middle and 1 the index
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This is what John Myung does. I've been attempting it for ages now after watching an instructional video he did. If you get the technique down as well as you can do it with two fingers it can make your playing a hell of a whole lot more economical.

I've found it very hard to move about the strings with this technique though. Maybe that's just me. It's good for long periods of playing on the one string though.
Most bassists seem to find three and four finger plucking to be far more difficult than two finger plucking. It takes a tremendous amount of practice, with strict adherence to your technique. It is worth it is you can pull it off, but a lot of bassists I know (myself included) found that progress came so slowly that we just said "oh, to hell with it!" and went back to using two fingers.

Sheehan uses four fingers, and sometimes five (his thumb). He keeps his right hand in a semi-clenched fist position so that all of his plucking fingers are about the same distance from the string. He also uses the Precision-style pickup on his bass like a Willis Ramp, with the strings barely 1/8" from the pickup surface.
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