I just have a few questions about these guitars:

1) Is the extra bucks for WD20SCE from D10SCE worth it?
2) If anyone has any experience on 3 these guitar's it'd be great if you could post it up! I'm gonna go try out the Washburns this week and see if I like it. I've tried the Crafter one and it sounded amazing! I've heard many good thing about the Washburn's but I've never heard anything about the Crafter one does anyone know if they are any good?

Thank you!

P.S I'll be using the guitar for church worship most of the time.
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The D10 is mahogany B &S, the WD20 is rosewood B & S. Rosewood usually costs more than mahogany, and has a different sound character. This is a "you gotta listen and see which you like the sound of better". It's not going to be solved by a price comparison. The mahogany guitar should be the brighter, and the rosewood warmer and darker sounding. In spite of the fact they are both laminate B & S, the wood's character should be audible, but perhaps not as much an comparing the two woods with solid B & S instrument.

If you live in the US, you likely won't have heard much about Crafter. The line is big in Europe, and enjoys a fine reputation. Crafter is allegedly the OEM for Breedlove import acoustics. They share the same electronics, (L.R.Baggs).

I have 3 Crafter 12 strings, 2 hybrid models, and an AE dreadnought, and I love them all.

I will say the "Korean 12 string set" that the dread shipped with, was the worst sounding set of strings ever. A set of D'Addario EXP 12 string lights put it right though.

I use bronze strings on the hybrids. Granted, that's perhaps a bit eccentric, but it does tame the natural shrillness of a 12 string.

As a wild guess, I'd say if you're knocked out by the Crafter, why not grab it. I don't envision the Washburns to be much better or worse.

That's an opinion based on intuition, and my experience with different Crafter guitars, I really can't back it up with fact or personal experience with either brand in 6 string models.

I'm a lefty so I have to buy guitars sight unheard. I saw this Washburn jumbo I liked:

For about a nickel, haven't pulled the trigger though.

Close to 20 years ago Washburn offered some lefty models. The 12 string I saw on the sales floor had an action about a 1/2" high. That scared me off the brand, but that said, I'm pretty sure the Asian factories have gotten their QC under control since then.