I've been playing an Hagstrom F200P, for about 4 years now, a guitar I got for less than 200 bucks of a guy that didnt want it anymore. I wasn't too fond of the looks, but I really loved how it sounds, and it eventually became one of my fav guitars to play the kind of music I play.

I ve been very curious to find out some details about it, I've heard that Hagstrom supposedly uses only their own components for the guitars, including their pups. I ve been looking for specs of their H90s (their own version of P90s) but didnt really have any luck. There is also a gibson version of the p90s with the same name (a hot, high output version) so that also creates a lot of confusion)

Plus, I d be very curious to know what pots are used in the guitar, 250k or 500k, what would be common with p90s?

I tried to contact the company but had nobody answering me, anybody knows where/how I could search? the official site features guitar specs, but when it comes to the pickups there are only comments like "P90-style pickups"
Get a multimeter and measure them. 250k is standard for SCs, but p90s are darker and hotter than strat singles so you could really go with either. I personally used 500k with strat style SCs. In the end its all preference.
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