Hi, not sure where to post this thread or ask these question but i was simply curious about a few things. First is making your own tablature or sheet music of an existing song by a famous artist and then making it available for public use legal?
I read somewhere about similiar sites such as this one having been closed down for legal reasons. Does UG pay royalties for every tab or something?

I suppose its not really a big deal and perhaps inevitable collateral damage from the freedom of information sharing, but my second question is, does anyone know how sites like these affect the music industry? Or rather the part of it that sells sheet music. Im curious as to how negatively freedom of tab sharing etc has had an effect.

I suppose the damage is already done and the parts of that industry have since long begun to wither away or adapted into something else.... I guess im just wondering if i should feel guilty for coming here rather then buying sheet music hehe =D So i decided to pickle your brains. I was hoping to contact someone who runs the site or something since an official response would be nice but i couldnt find any contact information, not that i really tried that hard. Anyway, thanks in advance for any potentially helpful information.
Ug doesn't pay royalties but it MUST bow to pressure from labels in certain areas. Which is why some bands are blocked on this site.

It's a grey area, technically you're taking something someone else has done, then UG technically makes some profit from it from advertising. The label would much rather you bought the tab books
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Found this on wikipedia

MPA conflicts

In late 2004-2005, after taborama and mxtabs.net began closing due to legal threats from the Music Publishers Association of America, UG saw a surge of new users flock to the community. UG, which pays licensing fees to publishers, was unaffected by MPA legal actions.[citation needed] As stated in an article posted on the site, UG finds the MPA to be humorous (a satirical picture stating "When you download tabs from UG, you're downloading communism" was made in response to the MPA's warnings) and does not take their warning seriously, mainly because the site is based in Russia and is not affected by American laws. The site also pays royalties to show the tabs on their website.[citation needed]

On April 10, 2010, Ultimate Guitar entered a licensing agreement with Harry Fox Agency.[5] The agreement included rights for lyrics display, title search and tablature display with download and print capabilities. HFA’s over 44,000 represented publishers have the opportunity to opt-in to the licensing arrangement with UG.

Hmmm. When you say taking something someone else has done what do you mean? I mean its not like im stealing the official sheet books, im looking at private ones. It is indeed a grey area and a bit hard to tell right from wrong for me. I mean a friend might as well figure out how something goes and then show me on the guitar or whatever whats the difference where do i draw the line? I mean its not like im stealing the music or even the official transcriptions. Are we not allowed to talk or express ourselves freely? are we not allowed to explain to other people how a musical piece is played just because the creators of whatever musical piece has done so aswell?
I find similarities concerning this issue with for example video game guides.

I mean there are so many free video game guides and letsplays and whatever out there and that seems to be legal? Its kind of like saying you cant explain to a friend how to clear a boss or something, and that he is forced to buy some pricey guide. I guess im just wondering whether the music industry needs to adapt since tabs and whatever are in some way a fundamental freedomy right of sorts or if in some way its the right and supportive thing to do to buy the official ones. Which leads me back to one of my original questions which is, if anyone knows, how big is the music sheet industry ? is it dead already? if not how much is it suffering from this? haha.

Oh which leads me to two other questions, 1 - All things considered how do you justify using this site etc. 2 - Are there any good official alternatives ? i mean that actually arent just sheet music but that give you tablature with audio playback.