I've got quite a complex (ish) pedalboard and have recently been having a fairly unpredictable drop-out problem... Usually not long after having switched it on, there will either be no sound, or a very low level sound.

Initially I suspected this was a fault with one my Boss ME-20 multi effects unit in the middle of the board, as whenever I'd toggle between patches or move the volume pedal it'd click the sound back in for a second, but it'd never seem to fix it outright. Then yesterday it seemed to solve the problem by engaging my delay pedal, after that it was all fine regardless of what pedals I had on or off. I've checked all the power and signal connections, everything is plugged in and there don't seem to be any shorts anywhere, no cables moving around, and everything is well within it's required power draw.

Any suggestions on what might be causing that drop-out? I know there's not a lot to go on, but if there are any thoughts then that'd be great.

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