This is a video I did in one uninterrupted take comparing 4 bridge humbuckers-SAME EXACT SETTINGS - very unfancy gear. By playing well known riffs (VH, Rhoads, etc.) corresponding to each pickup model, the idea was to highlight JUST HOW MUCH THE HUMBUCKER CONTRIBUTES TO THE SPECIAL CHARACTER OF THE TONE.
1.Pearly Gates-n w/Alnico8
2.Dimarzio Super Distortion
3. Duncan Antiquity hb
4. Duncan JB
Thanks very much if you watch or comment!
Though it is relevant, this is not the place to beg for views in this manner (though it does not really seem like you are only here looking for views). Look for threads on these pickups and post it there, or provide more useful info or add something to the effect of "for anyone wanting to hear the differences between common rock 'buckers, here's my video for reference."

BTW, what are your percentages in your video description based on? It doesn't sound very professional to use exact percentages without legitimate info to back them. Try using blanket terms like "most" or "the majority" along with "in my opinion".

Your video does have premise to it, but I'd say that the differences in scale length, wiring, setup (especially pickup height), and bridge/nut type has more to do with the distinct voicing of each of your guitars than the pickup itself. While pickups do have distinct tones themselves, the whole of the guitar affect the tone more. I think a more realistic comparison would be to install a solderless system in your wolfgang and swap out the pickups in the same guitar and edit the 4 clips of each pickup being used into one video so that the pickup would be the only variable.
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I appreciate the polite critique. I did read the regs first & humbly apologize for an misstep.

I want anyone to have the advice I needed when I was 15: Pickups & tubes contribute significantly to playability: marketing factors distract from that. I don't need views.

I appreciate also the suggestions for specifics. Using the guitars within I reach, the angle was that I unplug & plug on camera- to maximize the differences in each pickup: someone on the fence would have an idea how much professionals rely on their pickup choices, ( especially if a model is designed by hand for them.) I would even contend that some of these pro's underestimate the contribution of pickups & tubes, especially if their tech does the heavy lifting in making their guitar playable.

Through pickups & tubes, a pro sound can be affordable, & a guitarist with talent & ideas may be made to maximize his/her talents & appeal. The vitality of having the guitar- electric implement that it is- affect & react to the tubes is the real name of the game, but it is common to conceive of it as an electrified acoustic guitar: it's pretty, you tune it, you chords, etc, but it's also a specific electromagnetic process (for expression.)

My sincere regards to all, KB
A perfectly viable reason, and it says a lot about your character that you gave such an articulate response instead of the common defensive anger that people tend to give when their videos are criticized. I'll remove my posts if you would like me to.