Hello all! My name is Eric and I am from Minnesota. I started playing the electric guitar around 13 and was just messing around with my dad's guitars and with brief trial and error played a riff from the Rolling Stones, that's how my interest in guitars started.

I have had some guitar lessons and read books, watched videos and continue to learn. I still don't know everything but enough to enjoy rocking out here and there.

I never really played in a band, just with friends or my cousins. I don't play as much as I used to but do know how to play a bunch of songs, minus guitar solos. I mainly play rhythm guitar.

I also play acoustic guitar from time to time but prefer electric, distorted guitar.
Mainly stick to almost anything in the rock genre. From heavy metal to thrash, classic and hard rock, alternative, anything that catches my ear as a cool song or riff.

My first favorite rock band was Van Halen, while they are still one of my favorites, my all-time favorite is Metallica.

I don't know if that is not enough or too much detail. I hope to be involved in many discussions in the future.
Was it miss you?
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It's dubstep minor in E.

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