Hey guys, been working on my first homebuild for a good few weeks now and everything had ran incredibly smoothly up until now. My trouble is with the action. The way i'd done my build was research it piece by piece and then put my guitar together after i'd learned how it worked. I have limited knowledge on how the action works and intonation and what have you, but this is just frustrating the crap out of me and i'd really appreciate some help. I've tried adjusting the bridge, altering the truss rod but I can't seem to get the right balance. I'm okay playing at the top of the neck, but the action on the strings just gets ridiculous around the 10th fret+. I'll post some pictures below, I could really do with any advice. Thanks.

Bigger Image, this is the top of my fretboard, frets 1-3

Bigger Image, this is further down, Frets 12-19

Bigger Image, this is my bridge.

This is my 'finished' product.

I'd really appreciate any help I can get, I'm not sure where to go from here and I really want a finished product I can be proud of.
It looks like you need to change the angle of the neck pocket. You could either re-route the neck pocket and adjust the angle, or try and use shims to adjust it. The router would definitely be the more permanent solution.
So refill the original neck pocket and recut it? I was toying with the idea of trying to sand it down so it gave an even surface for the neck to sit on, would you advise that at all?
You wouldn't need to refill the pocket, just change the angle at which the neck sits in the pocket. Now, you say that you are thinking about sanding it? you might try that first, and see what results you get. But from what I can see, the angle that the neck is at is just too flat. The height of the bridge makes it so that your action is going to be higher the further down the neck you go. So, to offset this, you would need to create more of an angle for the neck
Ah! That makes perfect sense! Thanks for the link too, what a handy resource! I'll get straight to work, see if I can't work up a better result. Thanks very much man!