So i've just finished recording all my parts for a new song I wrote for my solo outlet, Sektor.

Got a friend coming over soon to throw a solo on it and i'm looking for someone to throw vocals over it!

So have a listen, feedback and such!


(192 is the number of bars the song goes on for and i have no other name for it)

Cheers guys
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Cool man. You seem very creative. I liked the parts all individually but needs arranging as seems parts are randomly chucked in. lots of riffs but many were not that inspiring.

Drums were well programmed and all parts were very tight. Interesting mix of power metal to death even some prog.
Overall 7/10 for me you have some seriosus skill i agree with sir-shredalot about the arrangment....loved the intro then when it busted in full force...good job man c4c? my song confessions (metal)....keep up the good work i look foward to your future projects http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Distortionx100/....also posted in the forum
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Love that ambient intro!!
At first I thought it was too much reverb, but on second listen, I liked it.

The last two songs (including this one) I've heard had really great drum programming. Or is that real drums? Maybe that's real drums? When I checked your profile, on your equpiment I only saw guitars and amp, no drum machine, so is it a drum machine? Wait, I'm at 3:59 now, and the kick drum double bass sounds too even, okay so it must be a drum machine, but up until then, it sounded like real drums. Wow, great programming!! Did you use software, what kind? I'm old school with a Boss DR770 drum machine, so I have no clue how you would use software to program like that....

Overall, your mix sounds well balanced. Your guitar rifffs are very tight. Wild effects at 3:26, is that a guitar?

Could you go to my thread and leave a comment, just on the instrumental track (the first link in the post):