I picked up a Kustom KGA30 amp at a thrift store, and it works so I'm pleased. However it did not have the footswitch, but it has the input for one I see. The only built in effects are reverb and chorus, as well as the drive channel (which is pretty awful I must admit). Looking at Kustom's website, is it possible to get a footswitch for another amp to use if it's the same effects?
Yes. There aren't a lot of different footswitch circuits and more likely than not if you find one with the same number of switches/LEDs it will work.

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http://www.thomann.de/ie/lead_foot_fs2.htm worked for my bro's KG212FX so something similar should work for yours. The only possible difference between different models of this type of footswitch would be which button turns the boost on and which one switches the channel. BTW I don't know how it works on your amp but on the KG212FX the reverb/chorus/delay cannot be controlled by footswitch. It's just channel and boost. The boost is like 20 dB or something supposedly, you could check the manual.