When I listen to songs I don't hear it and it sounds really smooth. With me there's always that sound at the beginning of the note. It's more noticeable on the higher strings.
This is known as pick attack. It occurs in the 1.7-4.2 kHz range (generalized layman's terms: upper mids). Sometimes having too much gain/treble/mids along with soloing on the bridge pickup can make this seem sound unpleasant. First, try switching to your bridge pickup for solos - if your guitar has more than a single pickup. This may be a technique related problem as well, so take that into consideration in trying to solve this if you dislike it.

Although, there are a lot of great guitarists who are famous for their pick attack. Listen to some Mr. Big/Paul Gilbert and you can understand that this sound can actually sound very awesome.

In terms of more in depth options to solving this problem, there are a few things you can do in a few different applications. You can take a graphic equalizer and place it in the effects loop of your amp and try to sort this out, or tweak your guitar recordings with a parametric or graphic equalizer in your DAW program if you are doing home recordings for your leads/solos - and avoid over compression. Nobody likes that. Ever.
The bridge pick up is better but still has it. Tremolo picking on the higher strings is especially bad. Could it be my amp? It's just a Line 6 Spider IV so I doubt it has a graphic equalizer or anything like that.

If it's a technique problem what do I do to fix it? Pick lighter? Because that doesn't seem to be working
Well your amp is a very compressed digital modelling amp, so it may not be helping the problem.
My suggestions for amp tweaking won't apply to an entry level amp like that, so I would try taking your guitar to a store and trying out some higher quality amps. You would be best off starting a thread in the Guitar Gear and Accessories section of this forum and giving them the required details for enquiring what may be your best options for a new amp.
pick attack is a lot less noticeable when it isn't a solo guitar track. you know how they say a solo guitar tone that sounds awesome on its own can sound terrible in a mix, and vice versa? pick attack is included.
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using thick nylon picks helps some, as well. I dealt with this problem but eventually switched back to the graph tech picks and just dropped my mids a little bit and that took care of it for the most part.
He's probably just hearing the actually pick hitting the strings. Not a sound coming through the amp. Use thicker picks as Katalyzt said, and play with only the necessary force needed to make the strings sound. I do that to, it's just something that either you fix or you get used to. As long as you can't hear it on the recording it shouldn't matter to much.
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Sounds like some pretty normal pick attack to me. Want to get rid of it? Don't use a pick.

Try picking more parallel to the strings, but I've found a lot of it has to do with the amp and the pick. If you have a lot of mids like the first reply said then it will be more pronounced.

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I find that thicker picks made out of tortex have very little of that sound that you described. I personally used tortex jazz IIIs, which have almost none of the sound that you described.
Try adjusting the height of your pickups. Some pickups won't report the sound of the pick as much when they are closer to the strings, others will respond to it less when they are further from the strings. This will, of course, change your tone and output, too, but it's worth experimenting with regardless.
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Bowen really hit the heart of the problem. Jazz III picks also seem to decrease a lot of pick attack. I personally like a bit of pick attack.
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