What are some pop songs in melodic minor?
I know it's really a jazz sound, but I've heard it used in Radiohead's "Life in a Glass house and "Pluto" by Bjork.
Though, to me, those are two different sounds, you know, I wouldn't put those as both in melodic minor if I didn't know better.
And we will weave in and out of sanity unnoticed
Swirling in blissfully restless visions of all our bleary progress
Glowing in radiant madness
a song isnt in melodic minor its in a minor key and uses the melodic minor scale

having said that...i cant particularly think of any pop song that uses melodic minor of the top of my head
Life in a Glass House is neither pop, nor in melodic minor. It uses a shit ton of chromaticism.

I don't know the other song.
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So.... its not pop, but Metallica's the four horsemen, Incense and Peppermints (The Strawberry Alarm Clock), Turn the Page (Bob Seger), In the Pines (old folk song, but there's a Nirvana version)