Hi UGers

So I was talking to someone today who said I was a pretty good guitarist, and I honestly think I'm average. I was using fairly simple terms (major scale, key of D, etc) and he wasn't understanding a word of it.

So I was thinking, maybe to help him I could teach him over skype or something. And then I was thinking, why not just record some videos and teach it that way?

And now I'm here.

I wanted to get some opinions on where to start, and there where to go from there. I was thinking I'd start by explaining the basic terms (semitone, wholetone, quarter note, eighth note, each of the 12 notes, octaves, etc etc) and give examples on the guitar neck for everything.

What would you guys define as basic, and where would you go from there? I'm thinking of also including finger exercises, timing exercises, and things of that nature.

I've been playing guitar since I was 12 years old (I'm 19 now), and have never learned any single thing in music theory, so I decided to do it like a month ago.
What I can tell you is that your friend probably already knows what a score looks like, and which "drawings" represent this or that length in music (quarters, etc..). I would advice you to start with scales (very useful in guitar playing) and if you want some hand exercices (but if he's as good as he says that's maybe not necessary (as for me, I can play fairly well, but I admit that I've been doing my exercices like a good student ^^ every single day since forever)). I don't think you'll be able to teach him how to read music because that really depends on the interest he'll give to it.
You should then go on with measures (3/4, 4/4, 3/8...) and only then begin with notes (C D E F G A B) and then with plats etc.
Any way, good luck.
Jo Colina
I would be intrested in watching this, since i suck at theory
when im teaching theory to someone this is usually the order i go it

start of with the the musical alphabet and where it lies on the fret board
tones and semitones sharps and flats etc
simple rhythms and timing
then the major scale
how chords are formed and chord formulas (135,1b35 etc.)
how to harmonize the major scale into chords
the minor scales(natural,harmonic,melodic and the reasons for there being three and the uses of each)
and then chord fucntions tonic,dominant,predominant and so forth

...this is as far as ive tought but bear in mind this is just the theory when i teach guitar ill also have finger exersises and techniue and whatnot