Hey all; Just joined. Looking for a decent entry level acoustic to noodle around on. Looking to spend about 3-400 bucks. Something that plays well, sounds good, good action, and still be brought to the camp fire.

Any and all suggestions would be awesome thanks.

The Yamaha FG series are very solid as is the Seagull S6. Try a bunch out though, there's a lot of different guitars in your price range.

Have fun looking.
i'll second ghobby's choices. Yamaha's fg700s is a great choice. and it's half of what your looking to spend! Seagull's s6 line is another great sounding guitar for the money.
you planning on fingerpicking? strumming with a pick? there are still a lot of things to take into consideration. are you eventually gonna wanna plug it into an amp and use some effects with it? then an electric/acoustic might be what you want... the onboard tuner that most elec/acoustics have comes in really handy too.
the nut width is pretty important( generally wider nuts-1 3/4" lend well to using your fingers and slimmer 1 11/16" work better for strumming...there are other sizes also but, those are the 2 most common). and again with those 2 styles, body size is important. i mostly strum but due to right shoulder issues i cant play a dread or jumbo comfortably for very long so i stick with grand auditorium or 00 sized ones usually.
if you just started playing, it would help to take someone with more experience guitar shopping with you. nothing beats just going out and seeing what sounds good or is more comfortable to you. most people here will tell you to get whatever guitar they just bought as they thought it to be the best...truth is guitars are very subjective.. none of us here can tell you what you are going to like. one of my favorite brands is a very polarizing brand with most either loving or hating it, but..... that's what i find comfortable.
so go out there and play the shit out a bunch until you find the one that "calls" to you. hopefully you live in an area that has a few music shops close by.
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I will second the seagull S6. I looked long and hard at it, played with it a little at my local music store...feels and sounds like a guitar a step or two above its price range. The Yamaha (I checked out an fg730s) was also great, but as I am Canadian I naturally had a preference for an instrument made across the river from me rather than in China.

I will however say that aesthetically, I didn't care much for the S6. It doesn't look cheaply made or "bad", or anything like that...but the one I looked at just didn't jive...the bright top and dark grainy sides simply weren't as pleasing to my eye as others, due mostly to the non glossy finish I think. I had a little money to spend, so I ended up going with Seagull's solid wood maritime with a nice glossy finish. Exquisite, for the price.
If I had the money I would buy a Seagull. Not that they're expensive, I just have no disposable income to shell out on a guitar. The S6 is a great guitar for the price. I've played numerous ones at shops and they all sound and play wonderfully. My next guitar will almost surely be a Seagull. Made in Quebec too, love to support the Canadian manufacturers.
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Yamaha. Either the FG700S or FG720S (a blinged-up 700S) are within your budget. They will need a setup as the generic factory action is usually too high-for me at least. Most stores will include an initial setup in the price.
Can't go wrong with either those Yamahas (I own one) or the Seagulls (I want one).
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