I want to know what's happening on the first 4 "chords", or should i say voicings, played by horn players in the intro on this song.
They sound very nice and also different but familiar.
It's like there's tension and resolvement inside each single chord while they're being played.
Im guessing it's how the horns and bass are set up together but i really have no idea so that's why im here, tell me everything.

On the Sunny side of the Street - Louis Armstrong
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Edit: Nevermind, I couldn't hear the bass at all on my computer speakers.

It sounds like a I iii IV V to me. The one chord is in second inversion (the fifth is in the bass), so that makes it sound a little different. The I and iii both had some extensions. I definitely hear a 9 added to the I chord and a 13 added to the iii chord. The IV chord is a maj7 and the V chord is actually just two notes, it sounds like it's missing a fifth.
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food has it.

C69/G - Em7 - Fmaj7 - Bb7 (C/Bb will also work)

C/Bb and C69/G
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