So, I have been taking classical guitar lessons for about 2 years now, studying music theory, practicing, experimenting, listening to tons of experimental music just trying to get some inspiration for writing.

Finally, I have composed few songs with quite nice melodies and everything - however, there is a slight problem. ALL THE RHYTHMS ARE SAME. I just can't create any new rhythms when writing a song (currently I'm trying to make some grungy stuff).

Is there a method that can help me create some more interesting rhythms? Or broaden my rhythmical horizons?

Thanks in advance.
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Get hold of Louis Bellsons 'Modern Reading Text in 4/4'. Its a book full of short rhythmic ideas written by a drummer, really useful ideas.
Have you listened to and analyzed anything by '70s Prog Rock bands? Many of those bands used change of rhythms to create interesting riffs.

Also, bands like Meshuggah are great at rhythm displacement. Even though, at first listen, it will probably sound like it's the same rhythm throughout; note that the guitar rhythm changes several times in a very interesting way, despite the melodic content of the riffs not changing much at all.

Another thing to do might be to listen to some African tribal music. That kind of music is all about polyrhythms and call and response. It's downright excellent, even though it may sound simplistic at first listen.
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The generic answer for how to add variation to your music: You need to make sure you listen to and learn different types of music. The more you do it, the more versatile you will become. It helps to learn music by ear as well. That way you internalize the sound of it.
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just learn the basic rhythms to songs you like. you dont have to steal them, just get ideas. quite the simple solution to this problem, the hardest part is realizing everything youve written is similar. happened to me like two or three years ago.