hello Friends,

I wanted to know if this intro goes well with my riffs and if the riffs go well or should i keep building on them, I'm planning on making this longer of course, but just wanted to know how it sounds so far. Still using the Metallica sound. Enjoy

Hey, why are you using a Metallica album cover in your video? Nah, just kidding....

I dug those riffs!! From 0:48 on. That was rockin!!
That intro has to go though, or at least shorten it--it was a little bland. I liked the harmonized guitars in the intro, but the chords are a little bland. But again, I loved it from 0:48 on.

I know you said you're going to extend it and re-mix, but from this mix, EQ-wise it seemed the guitars are too midrangy to my ears anyway. But maybe you like that kind of sound, I don't know....

Overall, I really liked it, except for the intro....
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