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jimmybanks youre a genius

Don't really care for Killswitch at all, but Howard was a pretty good vocalist
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I have a friend that worships Howard, but he likes Jessie as well. New Killswitch is better imo, still not something I care to listen to.
sunbather is shit
Howard's "My curse" era was the peak of that bands output, the album after it sucked and the albums before with jessie weren't that good either, he's just as a strong of a singer as howard was, who can just demand attention with his voice. Jessie if you see him live is breaking his throat trying to do the same.
Howard was way better but man that band dropped into gay fast.
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Personally I think the best vocal performance was on Alive or Just Breathing. Jesse's screaming was really great IMO though I'm sure part of that is just for nostalgia's sake.
I never actually thought either one of them was that great of a clean vocalist. I respect Howard but something about his voice always made me laugh. I know I sound immature but I swear he sounds like Mr. Bighead from Rocco's Modern Life to me lol.
Jesse's vocals on Alive or Just Breathing will always stand out to me as incredible. As for the new album, I started listening on spotify and it sounds like he's been putting in a lot of practice singing but I still will always prefer those vocals on tracks like "Temple From The Within". I just think it complements the music so much more than someone trying to be overly melodic.
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KsE is ok, but this is NOT the proper place to discuss them. Go use this to find the KsE thread. Look in either hardcore or the the metal forums first and search by thread title, btw.