I'm a 21 year old vocalist looking for projects to collab on. I live in New York City, but am not necessarily opposed to doing something over the internet. Preferred genres would be melodic death metal, technical death metal, folk metal, pagan metal, progressive death metal, or just straight up death metal...pretty much anything awesome that has a lot of screaming in it.

I really can't clean sing at all, and don't perform any fry vocals, core vocals, cookie monster vocals, or pig squeals. I'm just straight up, in-your-face death metal lows and black metal-ish highs. I also must be able to write, or at least partially write, my own lyrics. I can't perform other people's lyrical work (unless I partially work on it with them)...sorry.

Here are a few examples of my vocals:




If you're interested, to get in contact with me, feel free to message me on here or just by posting in this thread. I am currently a student at NYU, so I don't have all of the time in the world (and I'm currently suffering from a cold, so I'm not available to record for the next week or two, most likely), but I have a real passion for music and want to create with people, either local or abroad.

I look forward to hearing from whoever's out there. Stay metal!
Sorry for the rudeness, but figured I'd give this a quick bump to see if the waters are any different nowadays.

And thank you to everyone who commented...your positive feedback was and still is much appreciated.