Hi, I'm planning on building a custom orange 2x12 clone. I'm just having trouble figuring out the actual building process/dimensions of the cab. Things I need to know

-What materials does orange use
-The dimensions, outer shell, inner shell and what not
-Do I need the holes for speakers larger or slightly smaller? I've read people saying both are better.

Also I'm planning on closed back but am considering just doing semi-open or open since its my first cab. I have all necessary wood working tools, I just have little experience or knowledge of how to go about doing this project. So some links to some good step by steps, and tips on materials and dimensions would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
Here is a cab build I did awhile back...

Sorry, I don't remember the measurements, but it may give you some ideas.

The depth on mine was based on a Marshall 1960, but a few inches deeper.
Width and height was based on the size of the grill cloth I had.

I do list the supplies I used for all my stuff, so I would check out those vendors for some of your stuff.
Go to a site that has an Orange PPC 2x12 for sale (any online music store)and get the dimensions from the facts section of the amp. It will also tell you it is made of voidless Baltic birch ply
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Thanks guys.
That answered some questions but does
Any one know about the hole size and the
Best way to mount the speakers? And should
I just make that piece with birch as well?
How much smaller shod it be than the outside frame?
Sorry one more question what is a decent material
To do the braces with?
Those links don't seem to load something about
Being forbidden
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How much smaller should the piece I am mounting my speakers be? A few 1/8 of an inch? I'm going to get these cut at the lumber yard so I'm trying to get all measurements exact.
If you mean thickness, I used 3/4, same as the rest of the cab.
If its smaller, it may flex a bit more than you like.
1/2 inch would probably work though.
Cool that should get me through phase one of construction ill post what I've done. Thanks!