Hey guys..

So, yeah the title tells most of the story..

So it's an Ibanez acoustic fitted with a couple of regular medium sized strings (like the ones that were on it when i got it from the store)

I get told totally different things from different people from different people, and i was just hoping that maybe I could get a good answer from you brilliant musicians out here on these forums

so, the important info here... How much do i play a day??

It varies of course, but usually and hour or more a day. I do not sweat very often from player so that is another factor you can eliminate..

I do plan to start doing gigs in a few months and that would probably mean that i actually would be sweating when playing so maybe you guys could mention something about that too?

Is it once a month, or twice? or maybe 2-3 months or even more seldom.

Please please enlighten me Let the discussion begin
Change strings when you feel they need to be changed

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+1 it is purely preference. if you want that bright shiny tone than change it when it goes away. if you don't mind the loss of the brightness, several weeks, months, etc.

just see what works for you.

strings are cheap. buy a pack of d'addarios and a pack of ernie ball's and a pack of GHS, and what else have you, see what works best for you.

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