Poll: How often should I change the strings on my acoustic guitar? (read the thread first!)
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View poll results: How often should I change the strings on my acoustic guitar? (read the thread first!)
Once a month
3 50%
Twice a month
0 0%
Once every 2 months
1 17%
Once every 3 months
1 17%
Once every 6 months
1 17%
Once a year
0 0%
Voters: 6.
Hey guys..

So, yeah the title tells most of the story..

So it's an Ibanez acoustic fitted with a couple of regular medium sized strings (like the ones that were on it when i got it from the store)

I get told totally different things from different people from different people, and i was just hoping that maybe I could get a good answer from you brilliant musicians out here on these forums

so, the important info here... How much do i play a day??

It varies of course, but usually and hour or more a day. I do not sweat very often from player so that is another factor you can eliminate..

I do plan to start doing gigs in a few months and that would probably mean that i actually would be sweating when playing so maybe you guys could mention something about that too?

Is it once a month, or twice? or maybe 2-3 months or even more seldom.

Please please enlighten me Let the discussion begin

Whenever I guess. Sometimes I do it a couple times a month, sometimes I go 6 months between, it really depends on how quick the strings get too rough for my fingers, how bored I am, and whether or not I'm doing intensive guitar work. There really is no proper time, just do it whenever it feels right.
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It really depends on if your recording or not.
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during the summer i see myself changing once a month. during non-summer months i can stretch to 1.5~2 months before i change strings.
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you practically started an identical thread just with a poll.

you got answers there. at least i provided an answer. and you really can't wait a few hours before reposting? don't bump threads so often especially to or repeat a post.

you were directed to the acoustic forum. it is in that other thread go in there.

sting life varies. your tolerance, the environment you play/store it. and the chemistry of your skin.