It's not actually a typical problem that you can just refer me to the sticky for... or is it? I didn't see anything there about my problem anyway.

Anyway, my issue is that the pocket the bar screws into is actually loose (not the bar itself) and I'm not entirely sure how I can tighten it back. Fairly certain the model is an old ibanez edge considering it has the "licensed under floyd rose patents" stamp on it. I believe it's an original edge now that I think about it.

I'm really hoping to avoid having to take the entire thing out and waste a set of strings so if it's something I can reach without doing that, that would be fantastic. Though I suppose if it isn't, there's not really anything to do about it but suck it up...
Some of them the pocket/tube was a little weak and distorts a bit inside, mine does it too even though it's tightened all the way. I'm kinda used to it now so whatever
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Thanks for the link, looks like I have work to do when these strings give out that just figures...