Hey guys,

So I got an Electric last week, and now my pickp selector switch is broken (i think). Instead of clicking into each of the positions, it slides from one side to the other..

I have taken the guitar apart and on the switch itself, it has "ming Shi 5L-P".. Not sure if that will help, just thought i'd post it.

The guitar was a gift and was bought from "Artist Guitars"..

So, do i need a new one? or is it fixable?
Was it like this from the beginning, or did it just happen?

More than likely you will have to replace the switch. If you have any soldering experience, it should bean easy change.
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It may simply be how the switch is intended to work; your description isn't very clear. Some switches really jump into each position and are quite stiff, while others are made to be loose and glide through positions easily. I'm not saying it defintiely isn't broken, but it might not be.
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