Hey there,

Hoping someone could offer some info on this type guitar, specifically how you'd rate the build quality:


B.C. Rich Platinum Series. Classic original 80s rock guitar.
Floyd Rose bridge with whammy bar.
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard.

I am specifically interested in how this would compare to say a Charvel Charvette (budget version of a Charvel), price and quality wise.

I had one of those before and it did not cut it for me: the body was too heavy, neck too thick and generally disappointed with the quality. Was also concerned about the floyd rose which was a similar old model like this one... I never tested it, any idea how it performs?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Well as for the trem, unfortunately I don't have good news for you. I used to have an old BC Rich Iron Bird with that trem and it was pretty horrible. Awkward to restring and didn't really like to hold tune. Eventually the sustain block even snapped off, and that's not an isolated incident either. I've seen someone posting on here about the same trem that suffered that very fate. The problem lies in how they join it to the base plate, they used really thin small screws that ultimately weren't up to the job.

If the post spacing is the same the first thing i'd do with that guitar is pop an original floyd on there, it'll be a million times better.

As for the rest of the build quality I couldn't really say too much as i've never handled that particular guitar but the iron bird i had seems as though it may have been from around the same era. It was ok to an extent as memory serves but quite neck heavy and the rest of the hardware was probably of similar quality to the trem. See that locking not, yeah I had the exact same one and it stripped out on me in no time :/

Wish I could have some more positive news for you, but alas I don't
I think its an early 90's model. they didnt start having platinum models until class axe bought the company