Scottish Author Iain M Banks has been diagnosed with a late stage canceer, and given only months to live:


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Author Iain Banks has posted a message on his official website saying he has late stage cancer, and is unlikely to live beyond a year.

He said he was cancelling all future public engagements, and that his next novel - due to be published later this year - would be his last.

This really sucks. First Terry Pratchett is struck with his Alzheimers, and now Iain Banks is hit with this - I get the feeling I should stop liking various authors lest I kill them all off.

If you've never read anything by Banks, I can heartily recommend Feersum Endjinn, The Wasp Factory, Excession and Espedair Street.
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I just saw this. Terrible news, I hope he finds some enjoyment in his last few months.

A great writer indeed; if you enjoy any science fiction, let me add to carpi's list of recommendations (which are all excellent) Use of Weapons and Look To Windward.
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Damn, damn cancer.

Read all his books several times. Re-reading Look To Windward now.

From his newer work try Surface Detail. Just brilliant.

Damn **** cancer.
I won't say I enjoyed his books because they were far too verbose for me to actually enjoy them. I don't believe in taking a paragraph to describe a colour. it's a shame though because behind all the waffle are some incredible stories and universes.
I feel sorry for his fans and family who will lose a talented man.
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Wow. I enjoyed the one book of his where the kids went to play in the snow and the one fell under the ice, which one was that?