My guitar project is coming along quite nicely, won't be long untill I'll be painting.

I have a can of primer and a can of the colour (same brand).

I think I'm going to buy the Haynes 'Build your own electric guitar' book.

However it doesn't look like this has anything about painting in it... And alot of videos on youtube say different things.

Can anyone give me some advise when painting and/or a decent video/book to get to help me?

Canned paints are sometimes harder to work with than a spray gun, but can be cheaper and more convenient. The painting isnt the hard part though, just go slow, with many thin coats until you get what you want. The harder part is clear coat.

Dont use the paint can until empty. Buy a couple extra if you need, and only use each one till its somewhat more than half empty. When they get low, they tend to spit more. Warm the can in warm water first to help it flow nicely, and hold the can upright, again to prevent spitting.