I have a skype interview in an hour, I was wondering what some questions were that I could ask the interviewers. It's a tech help desk job at a christian university, I don't really have any questions, other than what they pay, which I'm sure they'll tell me anyway. I made a cheat sheet on notepad of experiences from previous jobs for when they ask how I handled certain situations etc, figured I'll just wing it on questions about what I would do in hypothetical situation, that's what I've always done. Any advice?

The only reason I'm wondering about questions to ask the interviewer is because I was always told it looks bad if you don't ask them anything. I've always just told them I don't have any questions but this job is better than the others I've had.
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maybe ask them about the working hours, any possible training that they can provide to help you with the job (if there's any bits you're not fully confident about) it'll look good if you asked them if you could arrange a visit to their facility/office/building to have a look around and experience the atmosphere.

you could also ask them what they would do for a klondike bar...
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you could also ask them what they would do for a klondike bar...

Daaammmnnn, Jerry.

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