So I got in contact with a vocalist from one of my old bands. He desperately wanted an acoustic...even if it was a cheapo he would get one....he just needed the money. He had no need for an electric since his MG had blown and he didn't write in the style a 7 string would work in so he offered to sell his guitar for "cheap". Before I say how cheap have a look at her...

So I scored a C7 Hellraiser for $175. All I had to do was clean, restring it, and stick a tone knob on it. Just for a little review on how it plays can be summed up in one word. Incredible. Even as a first time 7 string player I can't be happier. The neck feels just right compared to a few ibanez 7 stringers which just felt "unnatural". It takes getting used to the slightly wider neck which is something I'm working on but the fretboard is flat and the action is perfectly low that my legato and sweep runs come out fluently. As far as the overall tone it can be summed up in one word too...Brutal...and I'm not a Br00talz guy. I threw the EMG 81/85 set in my Les Paul and wasn't thoroughly impressed but something about these 707's just roar through the JCM...I love it!

So what y'all think? A heck of a deal or not?
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175... wow...

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Christ. That puts my £175 Omen extreme 7 to shame

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Nice score!
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Not jealous but happy for you. One hell of a deal !
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Nah, it is a really good deal, though. It's probably a very solid instrument.
Not really jelly because i don't like Schecters, but that's ridiculously cheap.
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Wow! fantastic deal, i got myself a Hellraiser around Christmas time, Definitely a quality guitar
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Thank's y'all! I know we all got our preferences and thats perfectly fine. Just had to show off this insane deal!

Now if only I could've scored an American-made PRS for that same price
that's a killer deal
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