Hello guys, I'm Wanting to buy a new Guitar for Extreme Metal, and I can't decide between those:

Xyphos Xp300 With Floyd Rose
Jackson RR3
Jackson Pdx Demmellition

Which one is better constructed and better at all?
Read the "we need..." thread in the list of stickies and post those details so we can help you decide.
Favorite Artists? Well, from Guthrie Govan to Christhian Muënzer from Obscura XD, but I'm going to play from oldschool Metal to Thrash and Death in my band.

Pickups? As a Metal band, I need Humbuckers, :P.

Current Gear? a little Randall 25W practice amp and a Brazilian Handmade Distortion Pedal, Zoom G1, and a Washburn Wv10.

Location? Well, I live in Brazil, and those were what I could found : P, I looked after some Ibanez Rg's and Schecter's Hellraiser as well, but I kinda loved those ones with exotic shapes. Anyway, I'm totally free to change my mind.
Can't comment on the other two but I've had an RR3 for years and it's a true metal machine, it has served me very well.
RR3 out of those three.
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RR3 has a very good reputation, so I doubt you can go wrong with one.

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Quote by MaaZeus
RR3 has a very good reputation, so I doubt you can go wrong with one.


TS, if you go with the RR3 i think you'll fall in love with it, they really are great guitars for the money.