Scottish melodic death metal band, fusing the classic melodeath influences of Iron Maiden, At the Gates and In Flames with aspects of other metal genres, post-metal, black metal, classic death metal, etc.

So, we've been going for a little while, we finally got the money together to book studio time later this month.
To celebrate, we released a bedroom demo of the first track off the forthcoming EP today, "I Used To Pray" here.

It's one of our more energetic melodeath tracks, download it! It's free.

Catch us at:

And if you're in the UK, particularly the Glasgow area, on April 13th, check out this awesome festival we're curating/ opening: http://www.thenorthofthewall.com/

"Intense yet intricate" Scottish melodeath band, who have been reviewed live by Terrorizer, Metalgigs and Valkyrian Music in the past year

Get our debut EP Helveien, for free download.