Even though I wrote it about 45 minutes ago and recorded it in 10! And criticism is welcome! And hey, if you like it, bonus!
Yeah, it's a pretty piece. I swear it sounds like something I would write high as a kite. Were you?

I heard a lot of melodies in my head for a vocal and the guitar work on the end was very fitting. It could work as an instrumental too though.

It's the *beginning* of something nice and now it needs to be fleshed all out. Good luck with it, it's a great start.

If you care to check out mine...The Phobium
I was not! Incredibly tired, hence the lack of structure, the lack of any kind of consistency really ha. Was more of an experiment with samples really, I liked the idea of birds playing in the back of something pretty before I even came up with any part of the melody. Thanks for the comment man!